Child Support Law

Broder & Orland LLC AttorneyChild support is potentially a major issue in any divorce, both for the parent who expects to pay child support and for the parent who expects to receive it. The amount of child support you can expect to receive or pay will have a meaningful impact on your finances in the years following your divorce.

As such, it is important to work with an attorney who is able to provide knowledgeable guidance and tenacious advocacy. Based in Westport and Greenwich, and serving families throughout Fairfield County and Connecticut, BRODER & ORLAND LLC ensures that our clients have a comprehensive understanding of Connecticut family law.

In Connecticut, child support determinations are governed by the Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines consider a number of factors, including each parent’s net income, the number of children and the amount of time in which the children reside with each parent. Our lawyers can help you understand how much you can expect to pay or receive.

Deviations To Child Support

In certain situations it may be necessary to deviate from the Child Support Guidelines. When the parents’ combined net income exceeds a certain threshold, the court may have more discretion in arriving at a child support award. Other situations where a deviation may be warranted include a child’s extraordinary educational or medical expenses or an extraordinary disparity in parental income.

Whether your individual situation is relatively straightforward or exceedingly complex, our Westport and Greenwich child support attorneys will devise and implement a strategy that will offer the best chance of accomplishing your goals and protecting your rights.


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