Westport Child Custody Lawyer

At BRODER & ORLAND LLC, our attorneys have a firm understanding of the types of child custody and parenting plans that benefit children and parents alike. Parenting plans must be fair, flexible, and in the best interest of the minor child. With many parents working long hours, commuting significant distances to and from work, and traveling for business, the notion of a “typical workday” is largely a thing of the past. BRODER & ORLAND LLC offers creative solutions to fit the needs of each individual client.


A parenting plan will likely consist of legal custody, physical custody and parenting schedules. We do not like to use the term “visitation,” as no parent should “visit” with his/her child. The term “parenting plan” more accurately reflects that both parents have rights to be with their children and to share time with them. This may occur according to a fixed schedule or in some cases, with a less-defined arrangement and a great amount of flexibility.

Legal custody generally refers to decisions made regarding the children’s education, health care and religion. Physical custody refers to where the children will live. We work to reach solutions through negotiated settlements, mediation and litigation.


We encourage parents to collaborate on issues of child custody. However, in some situations, litigation may be necessary. BRODER & ORLAND LLC will vigorously pursue the custody and parenting schedule that works for our client and their children. When a successful agreement is reached, children can emerge from the process with two parents still in their lives, and the difficult feelings associated with divorce should then be mitigated.


During the pendency of the divorce or at any time after it has occurred, either parent may wish to relocate with the children. These cases can be highly charged and emotional. We have tenaciously and successfully represented individuals on both sides of this issue.

In addition to cases involving initial determinations of child custody, we handle post-judgment enforcement (contempt) and modification of custody and parenting plans.
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