Lauren HealyAt BRODER & ORLAND LLC, we provide skilled, experienced and individually suited legal representation that is focused on achieving optimal results for our clients. Our attorneys are experienced in the trial and settlement of a wide range of divorce cases, including high net worth cases involving complex financial and tax issues. We are committed to representing our clients in a personalized, meticulous and proactive manner, always utilizing an approach appropriate to the circumstances and tenor of each case. We recognize that the divorce process can be excruciating for our clients and their families and therefore, while tenaciously advocating for our clients, we strive to maintain a sensitivity to the situation and a balance to the process.

Many divorces involve complex issues including business valuations and tax analyses in the case of high net worth individuals; custody, visitation and parenting disputes; a thorough and creative approach to alimony and child support; deviation from the Child Support Guidelines; an equitable distribution of marital property; or the proper valuation of a closely held or family-owned business. We routinely partner with well-established and highly recognized experts, whenever necessary, to strengthen our client’s position — whether in litigation, negotiations or mediation.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable about various methods of alternative dispute resolution, and are able to readily identify when divorce agreements can likely be reached through collaborative negotiations or mediation.

In all cases we work diligently to advocate on behalf of our clients to achieve their goals in obtaining divorce agreements, court orders and positive trial outcomes involving the following:

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