Westport Child Relocation Lawyers

Relocation cases, such as when one parent wants to move away with a child, are some of the most challenging situations in family law. Unlike other family law situations, where there is room for negotiation, in relocation cases, there is often not much room for the parties to reach common ground. If you would like to move with your minor child or if you oppose such a move, it is vital to have knowledgeable legal counsel to advocate vigorously for your position.

BRODER & ORLAND LLC, in Westport and Greenwich, Connecticut, offers parents experienced guidance in all relocation and child custody issues. Our lawyers understand the emotional nature of these situations and will strive to create workable solutions for you.

Relocation Under Connecticut Law

If a parent wants to move after the divorce judgment has been entered by the court and such a move would significantly impact the parenting plan, the parent must prove a number of factors. Specifically, the moving parent has the burden of proving that the relocation is for a legitimate purpose, the new location bears a reasonable relationship to that purpose, and that the relocation is in the best interests of the child.

Additionally, the court will consider a number of factors when determining whether to allow a move, including:

  • Each parent’s reasons for opposing or seeking the relocation
  • The quality of the child’s relations with each parent
  • Preservation of the relationship with the parent who is not relocating
  • Enhancement to the child’s economic, emotional and educational situation
  • Whether it is feasible to preserve the relationship between the non-relocating parent and the child through suitable visitation arrangements

Our Westport and Greenwich child relocation attorneys have substantive courtroom experience and will make a compelling claim in support of your position if this matter is brought before a judge.


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