In 2008, Connecticut became the second state to legalize same-sex marriages. In 2010, Connecticut converted civil unions to marriages as well. Of course, with the right to marry comes the right to divorce. It is therefore natural that some same-sex couples will eventually divorce. Despite the fact that Connecticut recognizes same-sex unions, there are still potentially complicating factors for same-sex couples who intend to divorce. It is important to hire an attorney who understands how these various factors can impact your situation. Based in Westport and Greenwich, and serving clients statewide, we at BRODER & ORLAND LLC, represent individuals in same-sex divorces.

Understanding The Differences In Same-Sex Divorce

The federal government and many other states do not recognize the legitimacy of same-sex marriages. In certain situations, this can create problems for same-sex couples who wish to divorce. For example, same-sex couples cannot file federal income returns jointly. Further, equitable distribution of certain marital assets could potentially lead to significant taxation issues. Child custody may also be an issue, particularly if one parent moves to a jurisdiction that does not recognize same-sex marriage. Your lawyer must recognize the many possible implications and how to best resolve these various tax considerations.

With many years of cumulative experience, our attorneys understand how to adequately protect your rights in every part of your divorce, from property distribution and spousal support to child custody and child support. Our tenacious, thorough approach has been successful for clients from all walks of life.


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